On Line Regional Event

ACBL now allows each regional tournament to run one on-line Gold Point event. One has been added during the Nashville regional, a two-session event on October 4.

Only members of District 10 are allowed this special opportunity. If you are unable to attend the Nashville regional, you can still play in an on line regional game on BBO! This special offering is for the following events:

  • Gold Rush Pairs with the following stratifications: 300/500/750
  • Open Pairs with the following stratifications 2000/4000/Open

These will be two-session events starting at noon Central Time on Wednesday, October 4th. The second session follows the same day at 3:30 PM. You must sign in on BBO using your regular BBO handle and pay for both events in BBO$ at the time you register. Registration starts no earlier than two hours prior to game time on Wednesday, October 4. Each session is anticipated to consist of 24 boards

The events will be listed as “Nashville Regional On Line” and shown as two separate events, Open and Gold Rush. The entry fee is $16 per person per session, a total of $32 for the two sessions. Based on participation, the director in charge may be required to modify the stratification of the events.

It will assist with director staffing if we know how many pairs are planning to participate. If you plan to play or just have questions, please contact Patrick Williams via email: stopgaap@yahoo.com. (Note the two a's.)

We are excited to provide this opportunity for members of District 10. Please consider participating if you are unable to travel to Nashville!